Nestlife Brand Launch Event For Staff


The NestLife staff was treated to a lavish event, at a re-launch of the NestLife brand. The dazzling event held at The Venue in Sandton on Friday, 8 May 2015 was packaged with an impressive display of world renowned dance maestros demonstrating acrobatic feats to an orchestrated build up to reveal the new NestLifebrand.

The staff, all dressed up for the occasion matched the tastefully bedecked venue. The sequence of events built anticipation, met by a treat to an amazing show that climaxed at the unveiling of the new brand.

The event also introduced the reconfigured NestLife and the announcement of leadership in the various divisions. The flashing of lights and song introducing the various components of the organisation and management reflected a NestLife imbued with new life and definitely new beginnings.

The excitement created at the positive outlook messages and the prospects of new career paths anchored the value of the occasion.
Indeed, a new era was given life, with a defined mission and purpose for NestLife future in the insurance industry.


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