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Group Risk Insurance Products

Group Risk Cover (Catalogue)

NestLife Payment Protector


The NestLife Payment Protector will pay the outstanding balance of the loan holder’s outstanding debt in the event of either a permanent disability or the death of the loan holder.

Client Benefits:

  • Protection of projected revenue as NestLife pays the loan holder’s outstanding debt in full.
  • Provides an additional revenue stream through profit sharing with NestLife as well as commission earned on the premium paid by the end consumer.

NestLife Death Payout Benefit


 NestLife Death Benefit ensures a group member’s beneficiaries are not destitute in the event of the member’s death. Cover is provided through a defined lump sum benefit linked to the member’s annual income and in accordance with the employer’s benefit policy. Cover is compulsory for the group members.

Client Benefits:

  • Great value for money rate that gives you an efficient, one-stop service from NestLife.
  • NestLife underwrites, administers and processes the payout claims.
  • Financial relief for the member’s beneficiaries in the event of the member’s death.

NestLife Incapacity Income Provider


 NestLife Incapacity Income Provider is designed to provide a client’s members with a lump sum payment in the event of a diagnosed defined disability: Permanent Total Disability (PTD); Total and Temporary; Disability (TTD); Permanent Health Insurance (PHI). Permanent Total Disability (PTD) cover applies when an individual has been medically declared disabled and unable to work. The cover is paid in a lump sum.

Permanent Health Insurance (PHI) cover applies when a member is declared medically disabled. The affected member is paid on a monthly basis until retirement age or death. The cover is usually a legal requirement and sold to the group not to the individual, making it an affordable premium.Total and Temporary disability cover (TTD) is interim cover that applies when an individual is unable to perform their work, however they are not fully declared medically disabled. The cover is paid monthly.

Client Benefits:

  • Great value for money rate.
  • NestLife offers a one stop service through underwriting, administration and processing of the payout claims.
  • An additional benefit of disability assessment management is provided.
  • The member is provided with an income stream in the event of a disability.

NestLife Critical Illness Cash Provider


NestLife Critical Illness covers the individual members of a participating group in the event of a dread disease. The cover is compulsory for group members.

Client Benefits:

  • Competitive, great value for money rate.
  • NestLife provides an efficient, one-stop service insurer by underwriting, administering and processing the payout claims.
  • A lump sum payout is provided to the member in the event of a dread disease.

 NestLife Funeral Cover


NestLife Funeral Cover insures an individual member of a participating group in the event of death. The cover is either compulsory or voluntary to the members of the group.

Client Benefits:

  • Competitive, great value for money rate.
  • NestLife provides an efficient, one-stop service by underwriting, administering and processing the payout claims.
  • Through its extensive network of funeral service providers, NestLife is able to provide members with a dignified funeral.
  • NestLife Funeral Cover includes repatriation.